Emilia Uutinen was born in Hämeenlinna, Finland, from where she moved at the age of 8 to the capital city, Helsinki. In this Nordic capital she studied music, dance and languages (French, Swedish, German and English) in the Sibelius High School.

Further on she complemented her education with a study year in Lycée Tristan Corbière, in the region of Brittany, France.

Back in Helsinki, she came into contact with the world of interpretation studying Oral Communication and Drama Pedagogy, as well as Spanish language in the University of Helsinki.

After this she travelled to Sweden, where increased her passion for a film making that is closely related to her Nordic origin;  Bo Widerberg’s, Alf Sjöberg’s and Ingmar Bergman’s movies, such as Selma Lagerlöf’s and Astrid Lindgren’s literature or August Strindberg’s theatre plays arouse her admiration.

Emilia never left aside her interest for dance, which was one of the reasons that brought her to Spain. She travelled to Seville to study Flamenco dance with Manolo Soler, Juana Amaya, Naranjito de Triana and Milagros Menjíbar, and further on to Madrid to continue with Belén Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, Cristóbal Reyes, “La China”, Ángel Rojas and “La Truco”.

She decided to stay in Spain and to continue her theatre studies which she had already started in Finland. She studied in the Royal Dramatic Art College in Madrid, RESAD, and graduated with a degree in Textual Interpretation.

During the last years she has participated in various theatre stagings in Finland and in Spain including classical Spanish theatre pieces, theatre-dance adaptations, stagings on the Finnish mythology “Kalevala”, musicals (as singer and dancer), and also theatre plays by Mihura, Jardiel-Poncela, María Zambrano, Tennessee Williams, August Strindberg, Lorca, William Shakespeare, Marguerite Yourcenar and Carlo Goldoni.

In the audiovisual field in Spain, Emilia has performed in films such as “Un Mundo Casi Perfecto” (Josemi and Esteban Ibarretxe), “Somne” (Isidro Ortíz), the musical film “20 Centímetros” (Ramón Salazar), the television series “Hermanos y Detectives” (Juan Pablo Lacroze), “Escenas de Matrimonio” (Juan-Luis Iborra, Pepe Pavón), "Aída" (Raúl Díaz), "El Tiempo Entre Costuras" (Iñaki Peñafiel and Norberto López Amado), "Con El Culo Al Aire" (Manuel Tera) and "Vive Cantando" (Miguel Albaladejo), as well as in the short films "Unfarewell" (Ainhoa Menéndez) and "I should have kissed you in Ankara" (Miguel Pons), and in the music videos “Invocating” and " Rain’s Rules " (Miguel Pons).

Since 2008 she is part of The Spanish Actors' Union.


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